State of the Environment

DEQ contributes to Wyoming’s quality of life through a combination of monitoring, permitting, inspection, enforcement and restoration/remediation activities, which protect, conserve and enhance the environment while supporting responsible stewardship of our state’s resources.

2019 Highlights

Below are a few highlights of work DEQ Divisions and Programs have accomplished in 2019. 

Bonding Program

    • Total bond amounts: $3,111,977,313
      • Land Quality: $2,718,911,067
      • Industrial Siting: $137,677,288
      • Hazardous Waste: $117,077,821
      • Solid Waste: $25,050,380
      • Water Quality: $113,260,757

Record Requests

    • Requests received: 859
    • Average days to fulfill: 9
    • Records fulfilled: 856
    • Overall time spent: 1,245 hours
    • Overall cost: $32,967


    • Air Quality Permitting Actions: 1271
    • Industrial Siting Permits Approved: 5
    • Land Quality Total Active Permits: 687
    • Water Quality Permits Issued: 538


    • Air Quality Compliance Rate: 92.2%
    • Land Quality Compliance Rate: 98%
    • Storage Tank Program Compliance Rate: 85%
    • WYPDES Compliance Rate: 72%

The 2019 “State of the Environment” report highlights many DEQ accomplishments and achievements. From improving our air quality monitors, reclaiming historic abandoned mines, achieving high compliance rates by the regulated community, and improving our ground and surface water throughout the state, DEQ continues to be a leader in environmental stewardship and protection.

2018 State of the Environment

Annual Reports and Strategic Plans

In addition to DEQ’s State of the Environment, the department releases Annual Reports and Strategic Plans which provide addition details on the Agency’s work and focus. 

Annual Report

Here you will find the Departments Annual Reports since 2012 

Strategic Plans

Here you will find the Departments Annual Reports since 2012