Advisory Boards

Teams of expert advisors help guide the work undertaken by each division of the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.

The purpose of each advisory board is to counsel with and advise division administrators concerning adoption of rules, regulations and standards, and the activities relevant to each division’s duties. Each board consists of Wyoming citizens appointed by the Governor for staggered two-year terms. Not more than three members of each board may be from the same political party.

Learn more about the members of each board or council and the work that our advisors do by clicking on the name of the appropriate board or council below.

Wyoming Environmental Quality Council

The Wyoming Environmental Quality Council helps steer the work done by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

  • Dr. David Bagley, Ph.D., P.E.,
  • Deborah Baumer
  • John Corra
  • Meghan O'Toole Lally
  • Steve Lenz
  • JD Radakovich
  • Shane True 

Air Quality Advisory Board

The Air Quality Advisory Board assists the Air Quality Division with its rules and regulations.

  • Timothy Brown, Sweetwater
  • Klaus Hanson, PhD, Albany
  • John Heyneman, Sheridan
  • Diana Hulme, Albany
  • Douglas Vickrey, Sublette

Industrial Siting Council

The Industrial Siting Council meets regularly to review permits for major construction projects in the state.

  • Chris Boswell, Laramie
  • Rob Spence, Sweetwater
  • Kenneth Lantta, Natrona
  • James Miller, Crook
  • Dusty Spomer, Park
  • Jeff Wallace, Laramie
  • Susan Cannon, Sheridan

Land Quality Advisory Board

The Land Quality Advisory Board assists the Land Quality Division with its rules, regulations and guidelines.

  • James Gampetro, Chairman, Johnson
  • John Hines, Campbell
  • Natalia Duncan-Macker, Teton
  • Michael "Micky" Shober, Campbell
  • Philip Dinsmoor, Vice-Chair, Crook

Water & Waste Advisory Board

The Water & Waste Water Advisory Board assists the Water Quality and Solid & Hazardous Waste Divisions with its rules and regulations.

  • Lorie Cahn, Teton
  • Brian Deurloo, Natrona
  • Marjorie Bedessem, Albany
  • Klaus Hanson, Albany
  • Alan Kirkbride, Laramie