Landfill Remediation Program

In 2013, the WY Legislature created the Landfill Remediation Program (Program, LRP).  The Program was enacted to address open and closed landfills throughout the state wherein, upon installation of adequate groundwater monitoring networks, it was determined that landfill activities were impacting groundwater. This Program provides grant funding to facilities upon entry into the Program.  Funding is provided at a level of 75% grant with a 25% facility match.  Additionally, the State remains a funding partner on projects for the first 10 years of the selected remedy. 

The Department developed a ranking process to prioritize impacted landfills. The Program priority list is revised annually as work is conducted and as additional monitoring data is collected and analyzed.  An annual report is prepared to track Program progress and is submitted to the Joint Minerals and Economic Development Committee every June.  To view the latest and previous reports, click HERE.

In addition to the annual report, project reports that include Nature and Extent Studies (NES) and Assessment of Corrective Measures (ACM) for facilities currently in the Program can be found HERE.

Lastly, to view the list of prequalified consultants or to receive information regarding prequalification criteria, click HERE.