AML oversees the reclamation of abandoned mine lands within the state – and there are past and ongoing initiatives to restore these lands to safe conditions. Over the years, we have put thousands of acres of damaged lands back into productive use by hiring consultants and contractors to clean up and restore abandoned coal, bentonite and uranium open pit mines.

Reliance, WY Reclamation Project

POWAR II North America's oldest known Abandoned Mine

Native Plants Project

  1. DEQ, BLM partner with organizations to restore sagebrush ecosystem
  2. Restoring the sagebrush ecosystem: Lander Middle School
  3. Restoring the sagebrush ecosystem: Wyoming Honor Farm
  4. Restoring the sagebrush ecosystem: The Nature Conservancy seed lab

Our Works Not Done 
Find out more about the AML work that Wyoming and other state's do across the country: