New Source Review

New Source Review pertains to new construction projects, or construction projects modifying existing facilities or sources, that may cause air contaminants to be issued or increase from their current levels.  

When Is New Source Review Necessary?

In accordance with Wyoming Air Quality Standards and Regulations (WAQSR) Chapter 6, Section 2(a)(i): “Any person who plans to construct any new facility or source, modify any existing facility or source, or to engage in the use of which may cause the issuance of or an increase in the issuance of air contaminants into the air of this state shall obtain a construction permit from the State of Wyoming, Department of Environmental Quality before any actual work is begun on the facility.” 

Oil and gas production sites that comply with the requirements of BACT may construct without obtaining prior authorization in accordance with Wyoming Statute 35-11-801(e).

NOTE: The permitting rules contained in Chapter 6 of the WAQSR do not include de minimis emission levels below which facilities or projects are exempted from permitting.

Applications and Forms

To access a New Source Review application and learn more about the process, click here.

As of September 2, 2014, the AQD New Source Review group will process air quality permit applications electronically through the IMPACT System. To learn more, click here

To access New Source Review Ownership Change Forms, click here

** If submitting confidential/trade secret information as part of your application, please see the Trade Secret Confidentiality Requests on the DEQ Administration web page.