Emissions Inventories

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality monitors and collects actual emissions data in accordance with federal regulations. After review, this data is uploaded to the appropriate database. Emissions data may be updated when new information is received. Actual emissions data is made available by the Query Wizard.

All documents made available by the Emissions Inventory section of the DEQ-Air Quality Division are current as of the date posted. Please be aware that these documents are updated as needed by the DEQ-AQD and can exceed 5 MB in size. 

Title V Emissions Inventories Webinar Information

The Air Quality Division will be hosting a weekly webinar to demonstrate how to use IMPACT to submit 2019 Title V annual emissions inventories. These webinars will occur every Tuesday in January and February from 11:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. Mountain Time. These are also a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about emissions inventories in the IMPACT system. The details for the webinar are as follows: 


(872) 240-3311
Access Code: 268-249-741

Minor Source Emissions Inventories

State-wide minor source emissions inventories are collected every three years in accordance with 40 CFR Part 51, Subpart A, except as explained below for sites in the Upper Green River Basin (UGRB). Forms, Excel spreadsheets and other information for reporting actual emissions from minor sources can be accessed through the “Triennial Minor Source Emissions” link on the left.

Minor Source Oil and Gas Emissions Inventories

Most Wyoming oil and gas facilities, including production sites, are considered minor emission sources, with inventories typically collected every three years. However, emissions inventories for oil and gas facilities operating in the UGRB are collected each year for two different reporting periods: the Annual emissions inventory covers the entire calendar year, and the Winter emissions inventory covers the period of February 1 through March 31.

Forms, Excel spreadsheets and other information for reporting actual emissions from minor source oil and gas facilities in the UGRB can be accessed through the “Annual and Winter UGRB Emissions” link on the left.  

The AQD has developed emissions factor groups to assist operators in reporting actual emissions from minor source oil and gas facilities. A link to an Excel pivot table with instructions for determining the emission factor group of an oil and gas facility is available under the “Forms” link on the left. 

For information on oil and gas production, including MCF of gas or BBLs of oil and produced water, visit the Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission website.

If you have questions regarding these inventories, please contact:
Ben Way
Emissions Inventory Supervisor
ben.way@wyo.gov or 307-777-7017