IMPACT and Open Air


If you have questions regarding IMPACT / Open Air, please contact:  

Zachary Mangin, IMPACT Project Manager, 307-777-6088,
Aaron Zalcman, IMPACT Support, 307-777-8754,
Tyler Ward, IMPACT Support, 307-777-7017,
Jason Brock, Open Air Support, 307-777-7360,
Find out more about IMPACT and Open Air

Two components of the IMPACT system exist: the IMPACT Portal, used by industry to submit reports and permit applications electronically, and the Open Air website (public version of IMPACT), used by members of the public seeking air quality-related information.

  1. IMPACT Portal ( - Upon completing the account creation process (Account Creation Guidance), industry users can log in here to submit air quality data electronically.

    Click the tab "IMPACT Portal" to access the necessary resources. 

  2. Open Air ( - Free, self-service website providing the public with access to a repository of air quality data and other information regarding AQD-permitted facilities. An account is not needed. 

    Click the "Open Air Portal" tab to access guidance and more information.

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In order to be compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule (CROMEER) requirements, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) had to design a new application log-in and reporting method. This new method will change how users of WDEQ applications - such as the “Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report” (eDMR) system, “Mining Information Database System” (MIDAS), and “Inventory, Monitoring, Permitting, and Compliance Tracking” (IMPACT) system - access these applications and report/submit data to WDEQ.

To obtain access to WDEQ applications the user has to create an account for the State of Wyoming Online System (eGOV) and an account for Environmental IT Environmental (ENV-ITE) system. The eGov account is needed because ENV-ITE uses the eGOV username and password.

For additional information and walkthroughs, please go to the Resources section on the left of this page.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the sign up process please contact the appropriate Application Administrator (Contacts).

Please mail the completed affidavit to:
Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality,
200 W 17th Street, 4th Floor,
Cheyenne, WY 82002.


IMPACT Portal (

The IMPACT Portal is used by members of the industry for the following functionalities.

  • Update Facility Information
  • Update Contact Information
  • Submit New Source Review (NSR) Permit Applications
  • Submit Title V Permit Applications
  • Submit Compliance Reports
  • Submit Stack Tests
  • Submit Emissions Inventories
  • Submit Ambient Monitoring Reports
  • Submit Facility Creation Requests

Why Use the IMPACT Portal?

  • Increase transparency of information between the AQD and regulated community
  • NSR applications received electronically through IMPACT are processed faster than applications submitted on paper
  • Minimize air quality administrative permit processing and data entry times
  • Validation of data submissions reduces requests for additional information
  • Minimize repetitive data entry for reports, emissions inventories, and permit applications
  • Ability to submit data electronically, reducing/eliminating the need for paper
  • CROMERR-compliant e-Signature and electronic submission allows authorized users to submit from anywhere in the world (with an Internet connection)
  • AQD technical support staff available to assist industry with questions during normal business hours

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Open Air Portal

Open Air (

Webinars for Open Air assistance are held on an as needed basis. Please contact to schedule a webinar.

Open Air is designed for the general public and allows any user to do the following:

Access and view the following air quality-related information via the Open Air self-serving website

  • Submitted New Source Review and Title V permit applications
  • Final New Source Review and Title V permit documents
  • Reviewed compliance reports
  • Approved emissions inventories
  • Reviewed stack tests
  • Ambient monitoring information
  • Facility equipment
  • Ownership information

Why Use Open Air?

  • Free self-service website providing the public with access to a repository of data, public records and other information regarding AQD-permitted facilities (with an internet connection)
  • Allows the public to view air quality-related information without submitting a public records request
  • Increases transparency of information between the AQD and the public
  • AQD technical support staff available to assist the public with questions during normal business hours

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Updates and Training

This page contains information on current updates, training opportunities, and other important information about IMPACT.

Open Air Webinars
Open Air webinars will be held on an as needed basis. Please contact to schedule a webinar.

Title V Emissions Inventory Webinars:
The Air Quality Division will host a weekly webinar to demonstrate how to use IMPACT to submit Title V annual emissions inventories during Emissions Inventory Reporting Season.

Related Programs

IMPACT is the Wyoming Air Quality Division’s (AQD) online Inventory, Monitoring, Permitting, And Compliance Tracking (IMPACT) data system. 

IMPACT enables the AQD to:

  • Better manage the flow of information and data across all of its programs
  • Provide better service to industry and the public
  • Improve data quality
  • Increase transparency of information between the AQD, the regulated community and the public