The Wyoming Asbestos Program enforces the state regulations for asbestos inspections and abatement projects. We visit complaints, perform drive-by visits for projects where no notification was received and visit projects for which we have received notification to check contractor work practices. The program also interprets the regulation for specific projects in Wyoming where the regulations may not be clear.

The program also teaches 4-hour Rules and Interpretations courses that are specific to regulatory requirements in Wyoming. The course is designed to explain basic regulatory requirements for building owners and general contractors that might not be aware of the asbestos requirements. There is no charge for the course, and we move them around every year to teach in different locations. 

In addition to concerns about asbestos and although Wyoming doesn't have regulations to address these concerns, the program also fields questions and is able to provide referrals for other indoor air quality issues including radon, mold, lead-based paint and formaldehyde.

Forms and information related to asbestos compliance are in the resource section on the left. 

Contact the AQD Asbestos Program

Linda Dewitt, Asbestos Program Coordinator
DEQ/AQD Asbestos
200 W 17th Street, 3rd Floor
Cheyenne, WY 82002
307-777-6937 (Fax)
307-214-8517 (Cell)

Karin Schubert, Asbestos Inspector
DEQ/AQD Asbestos
200 W 17th Street, 3rd Floor
Cheyenne, WY 82002
307-777-6937 (Fax)
307-275-5749 (Cell)
Original asbestos notifications or revisions to notifications should be sent to the following email address: