Air Quality Awareness Week

May 2-6, 2016 is National Air Quality Awareness Week, and The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality is celebrating Wyoming’s clean air by letting Cowboy State residents know about the everyday actions they can take to preserve our outstanding air. Every day of the week, the Department of Environmental Quality will send out an email with tips and facts about an action you can undertake that will preserve air quality and reduce pollution. And most of them will save you money, too!

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Monday, May 2: "My Air Monday"

Did you know? Cheyenne and Casper were ranked #2 and #3 by the American Lung Association in 2016 for cleanest cities for Year-Round Particle Pollution. Let’s keep it up, Wyoming!

Tuesday, May 3: "Tune-Up Tuesday"

A little car maintenance goes a long way in preserving Wyoming's great air quality. It can also save you some gas while reducing wear and tear on your vehicle! Changing dirty air filters and inflating tires to the recommended pressure together can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 13 percent. Regular tune-ups can also reduce emission issues caused by old spark plugs, bad brakes, and transmission problems.

Did you know? For the average driver travelling 12,000 miles a year, properly inflated tires can save up to 144 extra gallons of gas per year and reduce emissions by more than a ton (while saving up to $350)!

Daily Challenge: Check the tire pressure and air filter on your vehicle or have a professional do it.