Contingency Plans

Since the winter of 2009, the AQD has asked that oil and gas operators develop short-term emission reduction plans that can be implemented with one-day notice from an impending elevated ozone forecast. Starting with the winter of 2013, the AQD promoted the expansion of short-term emission reduction measures on ozone action days by all stakeholders, including governmental agencies/entities and the public.

Ozone Contingency Plans

Ozone Contingency Plans (OCPs) identify activities that can reduce emissions and can be implemented upon one-day notice from the AQD of an impending Ozone Action Day (OAD). Examples of ways to reduce emissions on OADs include: 

  • Deferring non-essential construction and maintenance activities
  • Delaying the refueling of trucks and equipment
  • Eliminating truck idling when possible

This page provides ozone contingency plan participants with information and forms to implement these contingency plans. 



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