DEQ begins operation of mobile monitor in Torrington, WY

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Air Quality Division (AQD) has begun operating a mobile ambient monitoring station in the city of Torrington, Wyoming.  

The mobile monitoring station began operations on December 21, 2015 and will be in place for approximately one year.  The mobile monitoring station includes gaseous monitors (NOx, SO2, O3 and methane/non-methane hydrocarbons), continuous PM10, continuous PM2.5, camera system, and meteorological instrumentation.   The monitoring station is located inside the city limits of Torrington for population-based monitoring of the parameters listed.  

All data from this site and a display of real-time concentrations can be found on  

Throughout the State of Wyoming, three mobile monitoring trailers have been established and are being operated to help characterize air quality at various locations.  The mobile monitoring stations are self-contained monitoring shelters that may be moved to different locations in a relatively short time frame.  

AQD is planning to locate and operate the mobile monitoring trailers at a site for approximately one year at a time.  


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