Abandoned Mine Land Division reminds Wyoming landowners to call before they build new structures on their property.

In recent years, a few landowners have discovered some interesting history on their property that could damage future planned structures.

Around and in several Wyoming communities, underground historical abandoned mines are present but unknown to most residents. However, through the years these underground workings can collapse and make their way up to the surface, leaving a sinkhole or a subsidence feature.

“Mine subsidence can cause major damage to a building or structure if it is not quickly addressed,” said Alan Edwards, AML Division Administrator. “Additionally, these can pose a serious hazard to the public.”

According to Edwards the division has a database that lists all known abandoned mines in Wyoming. This database continues to be updated as more sites are discovered.

If a property owner has some concerns or is interested if potential mine workings exist, they are encouraged to call the AML offices.

Additionally, AML offers subsidence insurance for property owners that live near or above historical underground mine workings.

For more information, please contact Dave Pendleton, AML Program Manager, at 307-335-6945 or at david.pendleton@wyo.gov.

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