Wyoming Department of Environmental/Abandoned Mine Land Division to Host Seeding Specialist Certification and Training

By Kimberly Mazza

Lander – The Wyoming Department of Environmental/Abandoned Mine Land Division (AML) is hosting a Seeding Specialist Certification and Training at the American Society of Reclamation Sciences (ASRS) annual meeting in Boise, Idaho June 4th-7th.

The Seeding Specialist Training will focus on planning, designing, construction management techniques, and tools to increase vegetation establishment of a diverse native plant community.

Participants will learn to develop diverse seed mixes, the nuances of ordering seeding material, equipment performance standards, proper calibration and operation techniques associated with seeding equipment.

“This is an excellent opportunity for Wyoming reclamation and restoration professionals to gain practical knowledge and learn proven practices associated with establishing native plant communities from seed, says Josh Oakleaf, AML Project Manager & Vegetation Coordinator for Wyoming’s Department of Environmental Quality. “Restoring native plant communities can be crucial for maintaining healthy ecosystems and promoting biodiversity.”

The ASRS represents and serves a diverse international community of scientists, practitioners, private industry, technicians, educators, planners, and government regulators involved in mineral extraction and disturbed ecosystem reclamation.

For more information about the annual meeting and to register, visit the ASRS website or go to asra.us/2023-conference/

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