“The Wyoming DEQ Turns 50” featured on PBS -Wyoming Chronicle

By Kimberly Mazza

Statewide, WY – The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) is featured in the most recent episode of Wyoming Chronicle in recognition of its 50th anniversary.  A local public television program presented by Wyoming PBS, Wyoming Chronicle is an innovative weekly program of interviews with newsmakers, artists, innovative thinkers, and unique Wyoming personalities with host Steve Peck.

At the foot of the Teton’s, Steve Peck interviews WDEQ Director, Todd Parfitt and John Turner, owner of the 2 Triangle X Ranch, and the man who in 1973 sponsored the original legislation creating the Environmental Quality Act and the Department of Environmental Quality for Wyoming. 

The WDEQ turned 50 July 1, 2023.  Reflecting on its many milestones and accomplishments, the interview tells the history of the agency as well as what the future holds as the WDEQ enters the next 50.  

The Wyoming DEQ Turns 50, Episode 13 can be watched at PBS.org.   

The DEQ would like to thank John Turner and Wyoming Chronicle for making this possible.

Previous DEQ is now accepting grant proposals for emissions reduction projects