Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Presents at the NASA Health and Air Quality Applications Annual Program Review

Amber Potts, fifth from the left in second row, is shown with NASA team in Jackson

By Kimberly A. Mazza

CHEYENNE – Amber Potts, Air Quality Resource Program Manager with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality-Air Quality Division was in Jackson recently to welcome the NASA Health and Air Quality Applications Team to Wyoming. 

A part of NASA’s Earth Science Applied Science, the NASA Health and Air Quality Applications Team provides earth observations to policy makers for decisions regarding public health that have a special focus on environmental health and infectious diseases. This information aids in making informed decisions about air quality standards, public policies, and government regulations. The team meets annually to review their programs, and this year, they met in Jackson, Wyoming. 

After a brief welcome and background on Jackson, Potts presented an overview of the DEQ-AQD’s programs and the 79-plus federal air quality rules that are pending.  She noted that 70 are expected to be completed by October 1, 2024, and that eleven are considered major and environmentally significant.  Included in these are the Oil and Gas Methane suite of rules which was recently finalized, the PM2.5 National Ambient Air Quality Standards revision, the Clean Power Plan 2.0, and Round 2 of the Regional Haze State Implementation Plan. 

Potts wrapped up her presentation stating that six new positions will be added to the AQD because of this year’s legislative actions with the state’s budget.

“I was honored to be invited to present at the NASA Health and Air Quality Applications Team  annual meeting,” says Potts. “This was an ideal opportunity to showcase Wyoming’s DEQ-AQD efforts to maintain the air standards our citizens enjoy.  Wyoming has some of the cleanest air in the nation –  a result of our Division’s hard work and the work of our regulated partners.”

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