Air Quality Advisory Board

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The Air Quality Advisory Board advises the Division on day-to-day operations, and recommends control programs, regulations, and standards. The Air Quality Advisory Board consists of five (5) members appointed by the Governor.


Each board shall have one (1) member who represents industry, one (1) member who represents agriculture, one (1) member who represents political subdivisions and two (2) members who represent the public interest. Each board shall hold at least four (4) regularly scheduled meetings each year, and special meetings may be called by the chairman at any time. To determine if the Air Quality Advisory Board has a scheduled meeting, click here.

To contact the advisory board, please refer all questions and comments to Amber Potts, 307-777-2489

The Air Quality Advisory Board is comprised of the following members:

  • Colin Balldacci
  • John Heyneman
  • Chris Fare
  • Milford Lockwood
  • Robert Short

To view recent advisory board meeting videos, click here.