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Welcome to DEQ’s new e-payment processor. For your convenience, please consider paying with a credit card. Among the options below, the single item option is for items such as records requests or permit application fees. The multiple item option is for paying for several items located at sites, such as Storage Tank Program fees.

There is a service charge for online convenience. The pricing schedule is as follows:
  • Less than $60 is a flat $2.00 service charge.
  • Greater than $61 to $5,000 is at 3.5%
  • Greater than $5,000 is at 5%
  • American Express is 3.5% plus $2.00 service charge.
If you do need assistance with using the forms or recommendation for which one to use, please call Steven Girt at 307-777-7163
*Only use CPTeller links provided on the DEQ webpage below.  DEQ will never send emails or texts requesting credit card payments outside of the links provided below through this web page.
Single item payment: Click Here
*If making multiple payments please wait at least 10 minutes between payments
Multiple item payment: Click Here