Siting Council

Meeting Agendas

This tab contains downloadable versions of Industrial Siting Division/Industrial Siting Council meeting agendas. Use the corresponding date listed next to each file to find a specific meeting agenda.

Proposed Rules and Regulations

This tab contains any proposed Rules or Regulations that are currently under development within the Industrial Siting Division.

The Industrial Siting Council reviews the socio-economic and environmental impacts of industrial facilities before issuing a permit for construction. Emphasis is placed upon social-economic impacts. 


The council consists of seven members, all of whom must be Wyoming residents. The governor, with approval of the state senate, appoints each member to a 6-year term. Not more than five members of the council can be of any one political party. The council operates in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Quality.

Chris Boswell, Chairman
Cheyenne, WY
Term expires: March 2023


Susan Clinch
Sheridan, Wyoming
Term expires: March 2027


Brenda Schladweiler 
Gillette, Wyoming
Term expires: March 2027


James Miller
Sundance, Wyoming
Term expires: March 2025


Rob Spence
Rock Springs, Wyoming
Term expires: March 2025


Dusty Spomer
Powell, Wyoming
Term expires: March 2023


Jeff Wallace
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Term expires: March 2023

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