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Industrial Siting Division
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Rules and Regulations

All official Wyoming State Rules and Regulations are kept at the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office. Click here to view all current Rules and Regulations.


The Industrial Siting Council has a statutory requirement of 135 Days to Approve or Deny a permit application. Below is a timeline of each step an application goes through before a final decision is made. 

Jurisdictional Information

Facilities required to obtain a permit from the Industrial Siting Council include:

  • Facilities with an estimated construction cost of $283,166,876 or more. If the estimated cost is $226,533,500 - $283,166,876 a Certificate of Insufficient Jurisdiction must be obtained. 
  • Wind energy projects with 20 or more towers in all phases. 
  • Solar energy projects with a rated power capacity of thirty (30) megawatts or more, or projects which would result in surface disturbance of one hundred (100) or more acres, across all phases. 
  • The following facilities regardless of cost:
    • Any commercial waste incineration or disposal facility capable of receiving greater than 500 short tons per day of household refuse or mixed household and industrial refuse;
    • Any commercial facility that incinerates or disposes of any regulated quantity of hazardous wastes that are subject to hazardous waste shipping manifest requirements under subtitle C of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act;
    • Any commercial radioactive waste management facility; and
    • Any facility over which a board of county commissioners has authority to issue the permit required by W.S. 18-5-502 (County regulation of wind and solar energy projects) and which the board of county commissioners has referred to the council under W.S. 18-5-509 (County referral)
Active Permits

Below is the latest quarterly report as presented to the Industrial Siting Council.

Applications and Permits

Decisions made by the Industrial Siting Council on rules, regulations and permit requests are posted as soon as possible after each meeting of the council.

Some of these Facility Pages are still under construction and being developed.

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Prior to Submitting Application
Prior to Submitting Application
Day 1
10 Days
30 Days
90 Days
135 Days

Informational Meeting

Staff will meet informally regarding the proposed project. At this informational meeting, a Jurisdictional Meeting will be scheduled  and the applicant will receive a packet. 

Jurisdictional Meeting

Staff will meet formally with the potential applicant. At this meeting, the applicant will provide specific information needed to determine if the project falls under ISD. Following the formal meeting, ISD staff will make a determination on jurisdiction and submit a letter to the applicant.

Application Received

This is the initial day the Industrial Siting Division has received a permit application and begins the 135 Day timeline. 

Public Notice

Public notice issued, copy of the application filed with the local library, notify local governments and relevant agencies.  In the case of wind or solar applications we also notify affected landowners and mineral rights owners.

Completeness Review

The Industrial Siting Division performs a completeness review of the application, notifying the applicant of any deficiencies.  They are given 30 days to respond.  In the case of continued deficiency, the applicant has 15 days to respond.


A hearing will be held before the Industrial Siting Council, who will decide whether to issue the permit and what conditions are necessary.

Final Decision

The Council shall present findings, issue an opinion, and render a decision either granting or denying the application.