Inspection and Compliance


This tab contains a variety of regulatory inspection checklists that can be used to ensure compliance with the SHWD Rules and Regulations. 

Enforcement Actions

The DEQ undertakes enforcement actions to preserve safe environmental conditions throughout Wyoming. 

This page contains information on the enforcement actions that the Solid and Hazardous Waste Division may undertake, as well as a record of enforcement actions that have been undertaken by SHWD.

EPA 2019 Biennial Report

Please submit the EPA 2019 Biennial Report through the RCRA-INFO website

For questions, please contact Charles Plymale at 307-335-6951 or by email


This page provides a variety of guidance procedures pertaining to SHWD Inspection and Compliance. 

Regulatory Assistance

This page contains a variety of downloadable Regulatory Assistance documents, including FAQs and documents outlining why certain regulatory procedures are required. 


This page contains several useful training videos that help explain the SHWD Rules and Regulations. 

Rules and Regulations

All official Wyoming State Rules and Regulations are kept at the Wyoming Secretary of State's Office. Click here to view all current Rules and Regulations. 

The SHWD Inspection and Compliance team is responsible for ensuring that local government, business and industrial entities are in compliance with Wyoming Solid and Hazardous Waste Rules and Regulations.

Our team provides guidance and assistance to help you understand state rules and regulations, including training videos and checklists.

Find out more about what we do below:

We perform compliance inspections on the following sites: 

  • Open and closed municipal landfills
  • Industrial landfills
  • Construction and demolition landfills
  • Solid waste transfer
  • Treatment and storage facilities
  • Hazardous waste generators
  • Treatment, storage and disposal facilities
  • Used oil generators
  • Asbestos management facilities
  • Petroleum-contaminated soils facilities 

We issue both formal and informal enforcement actions. Informal actions generally involve a letter of violation and warning. Formal actions include issuance of Notices of Violation (NOV), Cease & Desist Orders, and Referral for Penalty to the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office.


Formal enforcement actions are used to deter problem violators and are used only after all efforts have been made through conference and conciliation to return the violations to compliance.

Our team responds to solid and hazardous waste complaints and we conduct follow-up inspections as needed to ensure compliance.

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