Hazardous Waste Permitting & Corrective Actions

Enforcement Actions

The DEQ undertakes enforcement actions to preserve safe environmental conditions throughout Wyoming. 

This page contains information on the enforcement actions that the Solid and Hazardous Waste Division may undertake, as well as a record of enforcement actions that have been undertaken by SHWD.

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Electronic Document Submittal

In response to the Governor's request to limit contact and the move toward most WDEQ staff working remotely for the near future, the Solid and Hazardous Waste Division (SHWD) have made electronic document submittal available. This includes work plans, reports, general correspondence and Solid Waste permit applications. Electronic submittal forms are now available for SHWD programs. Please choose the appropriate form from the list of links below to upload documents. If submitted electronically, no hardcopy is required to be submitted unless you are contacted by SHWD staff with a request to submit the hard copy. Please note that SHWD is unable to accept comments on documents in public notice via these forms. Please refer to the public notice for instructions on how to submit comments.   

Hazardous Waste, Voluntary Remediation, Orphan Site Programs 

Solid Waste Permitting & Corrective Action Program                      
Proposed Rules and Regulations

This page contains any proposed Rules or Regulations that are currently under development within the Solid and Hazardous Waste Division. 

Hazardous Waste Rules, Chapter 1

The Hazardous Waste Rules, Chapter 1, General Provisions were adopted and filed with the Wyoming Secretary of State on April 7, 2022.  See https://rules.wyo.gov/.

Solid Waste

The Solid Waste Permitting and Corrective Action Program is conducting a public outreach on proposed revisions to the Solid Waste Rules Chapter 3 Industrial Landfills Regulations.

Rules and Regulations

All official Wyoming State Rules and Regulations are kept at the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office. Click here to view all current Rules and Regulations.

Hazardous Waste Permitting & Corrective Actions

The Hazardous Waste Permitting and Corrective Action Program issues permits for the operation and post-closure care of regulated hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities. The Program also imposes Corrective Action requirements necessary to clean up past releases of hazardous chemicals from these facilities, either as a component of the facility permit, or as a corrective action order.


VRP/Hazardous Waste Permitting and Corrective Action
Ben Lucky
, Cheyenne 307-777-5617

Biennual Reporting/Inspection/Compliance/Manifests/RCRA Info
Charlie Plymale, Lander 307-335-6951

There are currently nine regulated hazardous waste treatment, storage or disposal (TSD) facilities in the state. Two of these facilities have operating hazardous waste management units.  

Cleanup Activity Reviews

Following passage by the Wyoming Legislature of the State’s Voluntary Remediation of Contaminated Sites law in the 2000 session, contaminated site owners now have a choice to have their cleanup activities reviewed by DEQ pursuant to a Corrective Action Order, Permit, or under the Voluntary Remediation Program.

The Hazardous Waste Permitting and Corrective Action Program works closely with the Solid & Hazardous Waste Division Inspection and Compliance Group to enforce Wyoming’s Hazardous Waste Rules and Regulations.