The WQD Groundwater Program works to protect and preserve Wyoming’s groundwater by permitting facilities to prevent contamination, and investigating and cleaning up known releases.

Federal Facilities
The Federal Facilities team works with the Federal Government to clean up soil or groundwater contamination at active or decommissioned federal properties, such as the Atlas D Missile Site 4.

Groundwater Pollution Control (GPC)
The GPC Program evaluates potential impacts to the groundwaters of the State by activities permitted at the local, state, or federal level.

Know Your Well
The Know Your Well Program helps private well owners learn more about their drinking water wells and how to protect their water supply.

Underground Injection Control (UIC)
The UIC Program is responsible for regulating and permitting the construction, operation and closure of facilities that dispose of or store non-hazardous materials below ground.

Reporting Spills or Releases
Have you witnessed or noticed a spill or release of any hazardous substance?  Here's how to report the spill.

If you or your business has leaked or released a hazardous substance, you must report the spill.  Wyoming's Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP) is a program to partner with businesses, landowners, or communities to clean up spill or release sites.