5. Become an Operator

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To become a Wyoming certified operator, please follow these steps:

    1) Request access to the Operator Certification database using the Login Instructions.

    2) High School Equivalency (HSE). All operators must demonstrate that they have the equivalent of a High School education (HSE). For a list of ways to demonstrate HSE, click here.

    3) ExperienceAll licensed operators must meet Wyoming's minimum experience requirements.

  • Make sure your supervisor designates you as an operator within 10 days of starting work. You do NOT need to hold a license to be designated!
  • If you have related work experience that you would like added to your work history, please fill out the supplemental experience form
  • If your license in another state is current and in good standing, the State of Wyoming may be able to offer you a reciprocal license.  Please complete a reciprocal license application for either Water or Distribution or Wastewater or Collection .

    4) Training. All licensed operataors must meet Wyoming's minimum training requirements.

  • There are many Training Opportunities in Wyoming, but Wyoming DEQ does not offer "exam prep" trainings. Recomended trainings and study materials for each exam are listed on the Exam Study Materials page.
  • The Operator Instructions document explains how to apply training to your renewals.
  • If applying for a reciprocal license, please submit your entire training history with your application(s). 

    5) Exam Study Materials. A list of materials recommended by ABC to help you learn what you need to know can be found here

    6) Schedule an Exam. When you are ready, directions on how to Schedule an Exam are available.  Make sure you take the correct exam! You must wait at least 30 days to retake an exam.

    7) Follow up. When you pass the exam, verify that you meet the requirements listed in the Wyoming licensing requirements document. If you meet the license requirements and have not been issued your certificate within 2 weeks of passing your exam, contact the Operator Certification Program.

    8) Maintain.  Maintain your contact information, add trainings that you take, apply training hours towards renewals, keep your employment record current, etc. Instructions are available in the Operator Instructions document.