Become an Operator

To become a Wyoming certified operator, follow these steps!

    1) Set Up An Account in the Operator Certification database using the Login Instructions.  You must live in or work as an operator in Wyoming in order to become a Wyoming certified operator.

    2) Send in Your High School Equivalency (HSE) Documents. Send in a document proving that you have the equivalent of a High School education (HSE). Documents that will work

    3) Document Your ExperienceAll operators must meet Wyoming's minimum experience requirements in order to obtain certification.

  • To start your experience record in your account, your supervisor must designate you as an operator within 10 days of starting work. 
  • If you have related work experience that you would like DEQ to consider, fill out the supplemental experience form.

    4) Document Your Training. All operators must meet Wyoming's minimum training requirements in order to obtain certification.

  • The Operator Instructions document explains how to add training to your training history.
  • Check out our Exam Study Materials webpage to find a correspondence course to help you meet the training requirements and study for the exam.

    5) Take Your Exam. 

    6) Get Your Certification. ABC sens exam scores to DEQ in about 2 weeks.  While you are waiting, make sure that your training and experience records are up to date and that you meet the  Wyoming certification requirements

    7) Maintain Your Certificate.  Maintain your contact information, add trainings that you take for continuing education, apply training to renewals, keep your employment record current, etc. The Operator Instructions document has detailed instructions to help you.  Please read the Core Area and Rule Training Guidance also.

Reciprocal Certification:  Operators certified in another state whose certifications are current and in good standing, may apply for reciprocal certification.   You must live in or work as an operator in the State of Wyoming before DEQ will consider your application.  Complete a separate application for each reciprocal certificate.

Looking for a Job?  Check job postings at Wyoming Association of Rural Water Systems (WARWS) Jobs & Equipment, Wyoming Association of Municipalities (WAM) Community Classifieds, American Water Works Association (AWWA) Career Center or