Class V

Class V injection facilities inject non-hazardous commercial, industrial, or municipal waste directly into or above a usable aquifer. Class V facilities may not inject hazardous waste.  Class V facilities include a variety of wells, drainfields, drywells, and leachfields.  All Class V facilities are regulated under W.S. 35-11-301 and WQRR Chapter 27. You may download the current version from the Secretary of State's Office website.

Is my septic system a Class V well?  The US EPA fact sheet on large capacity septic systems provides basic information.

Class V Application Documents
Class V Permit Types (by Rule, General, or Individual)

Class V Permit Application Form.  A sage grouse compliance form must accompany all Class V permit applications.

Guidance for Permitting Class V CBM Wells

Draft UIC Permits currently in public comment period

Recent General Permit Authorizations


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