Federal Facilities

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Kira WeberCAFOs, Produced Water Permitting, GPC Program Project Manager, Cheyenne(307)777-7090

This page contains a series of maps detailing contaminated federal sites in Wyoming. which include:  

  • FUD Sites Map
  • Top Priority Sites Map
  • Atlas Missile Site 4
  • Restoration Advisory Board - RAB
  • Atlas Missile Site 4/Belvoir Ranch Plume Map

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Electronic Documents Submittal

In response to the Governor's request to limit contact and the move toward staff working remotely for the near future, the WDEQ Water Quality Division (WQD) has made electronic document submittal available. This includes permit applications, response to comments, reports, and other communications. Forms have been set up for individual WQD Sections (Watershed, WYPDES, Groundwater, Water/Wastewater), and a form is also available for general WQD submittals. Please choose the appropriate form from the list of links below to upload your documents. If submitted electronically, no hardcopy is required to be submitted unless you are contacted by a WQD Section Manager with a request to submit the hard copy. Please note that the Water Quality Division is unable to accept comments on documents in public notice via these forms. Please refer to the public notice for instructions on how to submit comments.

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NOTICE: Effective November 23, 2021, all permits to be submitted for water distribution systems and/or sewage collection systems that are within the Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities (BOPU) district shall be submitted to the BOPU for approval.  BOPU contacts are Frank Strong or Bryce Dorr at (307) 637-6460, ENGreview@cheyennebopu.org, or www.cheyennebopu.org for additional information.

Related Programs

Federal facilities, mostly military sites, are located throughout the state of Wyoming.   The Federal Facilities Program works with federal partners such as the US EPA, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and the US Department of Defense to investigate, quantify and clean up soil and water contamination on these sites.

The military discovered soil and groundwater contamination at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, located west of Cheyenne, in the 1980’s. Contaminated soil and groundwater has been removed or treated and clean-up is ongoing to address remaining contamination.

The Wyoming Air National Guard has been cleaning up contaminated properties, such as the site located at the Cheyenne Municipal Airport, since 2001.  Long-term plans are in place for ongoing clean-up where soil or groundwater contamination still exists.

When the military inactivates, or decommissions, a site, they become known as Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDs).  The Federal Facilities Program and federal partners work with current land owners to find acceptable clean-up methods for these sites. There are currently several dozen FUDs located in Wyoming.  Top priority sites for clean-up include those which impact drinking water supplies. 

The extent and nature of the soil and groundwater contamination is often unknown.  Groundwater contamination plumes can extend hundreds of feet, or more, so investigations are currently in progress to better characterize contamination at federal facilities in Wyoming.

Investigations at one FUD determined that the plume from the Belvoir Ranch site extends for more than 10 miles.  Municipal and private wells were impacted by this plume, so this FUD was particularly important to clean up.  Due to the successful collaboration between the land owners, the Federal Facilities Program and federal partners, the water produced by these wells is being treated and no longer poses a danger to human health. Photos, maps, site investigation reports and more can be found at the Atlas Missile Site 4 Information website.

Federal Facilities Program Manager: Nicole Twing 307-777-8275