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Please contact Kim Parker at kim.parker@wyo.gov or 307-777-6128 if you have questions about the Operator Certification Program.

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Please contact Kim Parker at kim.parker@wyo.gov or 307-777-6128 if you have an interest in a policy not listed here.



Water Quality Rules and Regulations Chapter 5 governs Operator Certification in Wyoming. You may download the current version from the Secretary of State's Office website.

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Wyoming’s certified operators protect public health by providing safe drinking water.  They protect the environment by cleaning up our wastewater before releasing it.  

They also protect the investment Wyoming’s taxpayers have made in our water and wastewater infrastructure by operating facilities correctly.  The Wyoming Operator Certification Program ensures that operators obtain the correct training to become certified, keep their certifications current, and also requires that facilities are operated by correctly certified operators.

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Emergency Contact

Wyoming DEQ is coordinating with the following entities to cover any operator shortages that may arise due to COVID-19.  For information about the current COVID-19 virus status in Wyoming, please visit the Wyoming Department of Health’s COVID-19 website, or the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) website.

For more information on how to become a Wyoming certified operator, including directions on how to set up an account, check out our Become an Operator page.

EPA Drinking Water Online

EPA Drinking Water Online provides resources for Public Drinking Water Systems, their operators, or their customers. Reporting forms, report templates, a list of certified labs, and information about drinking water quality violations can be found on this website. 

Detailed public water system information is available in the Drinking Water Watch Database. It contains information about public water systems including contact information, details about the system, sampling and compliance history, etc.