David Waterstreet, Program ManagerWatershed Program307-777-6709
Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 401 Certification and Turbidity Waivers  
Eric Hargett (Cheyenne)CWA Section 401 Certification, Turbidity Waivers307-777-6701
Data Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC)  
Jillian Scott (Cheyenne)Data QA/QC307-777-6372
Nonpoint Source Pollution Program  
Alexandria Jeffers (Cheyenne)Nonpoint Source Program307-777-6733
Surface Water Monitoring Program  
Jeremy Zumberge, Program Supervisor (Sheridan)Surface Water Monitoring Program307-675-5638
Tavis Eddy (Lander)Surface Water Monitoring Program307-335-6957
Eric Hargett (Cheyenne)Surface Water Monitoring Program307-777-6701
Jason Martineau (Sheridan)Surface Water Monitoring Program307-675-5632
Triston Rice (Cheyenne)Surface Water Monitoring Program307-777-6353
Chad Rieger (Sheridan)Surface Water Monitoring Program307-675-5637
Michael Wachtendonk (Lander)Surface Water Monitoring Program307-335-6751
Surface Water Quality Standards  
Lindsay Patterson, Program Supervisor (Cheyenne)Surface Water Quality Standards307-777-7079
Kelsee Hurschman (Cheyenne)Surface Water Quality Standards, Harmful Cyanobacterial Blooms307-777-2073
Madeleine Hamel (Cheyenne)Surface Water Quality Standards, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)307-777-7050
Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program  
Ron Steg, Program Lead (Lander)Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)307-335-6980
Bret Callaway (Cheyenne)Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)307-777-5802
Water Quality Lab  
Steve Vien, Lab Supervisor (Cheyenne)Water Quality Lab307-777-7654
Alexandra Cook (Cheyenne)Water Quality Lab307-777-7151
Marisa Latady (Cheyenne)Water Quality Lab307-777-6783
Vacant (Cheyenne)Water Quality Lab307-777-3770
Electronic Documents Submittal

In response to the Governor's request to limit contact and the move toward staff working remotely for the near future, the WDEQ Water Quality Division (WQD) has made electronic document submittal available. This includes permit applications, response to comments, reports, and other communications. Forms have been set up for individual WQD Sections (Watershed, WYPDES, Groundwater, Water/Wastewater), and a form is also available for general WQD submittals. Please choose the appropriate form from the list of links below to upload your documents. If submitted electronically, no hardcopy is required to be submitted unless you are contacted by a WQD Section Manager with a request to submit the hard copy. Please note that the Water Quality Division is unable to accept comments on documents in public notice via these forms. Please refer to the public notice for instructions on how to submit comments.

Groundwater Section:
Watershed Section:
Water and Wastewater Section:
WYPDES Section:
General WQD:

NOTICE: Effective November 23, 2021, all permits to be submitted for water distribution systems and/or sewage collection systems that are within the Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities (BOPU) district shall be submitted to the BOPU for approval.  BOPU contacts are Frank Strong or Bryce Dorr at (307) 637-6460,, or for additional information.


This page contains a variety of downloadable Guidance procedures pertaining to the Watershed Protection Program. 

Rules and Regulations

All official Wyoming State Rules and Regulations are kept at the Wyoming Secretary of State's Office. Click here to view all current Rules and Regulations. 


Water Quality Division’s Role in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Process

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires federal agencies, prior to making decisions, to evaluate the environmental and related social and economic effects of their proposed actions and to make these evaluations available for public review and comment.

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality/Water Quality Division (WDEQ/WQD) participates in the NEPA process as a cooperating agency, providing technical expertise to ensure that potential impacts to the quality of waters of the state are adequately evaluated and that Wyoming’s water quality statutes, rules, regulations, and other requirements are met.

WDEQ/WQD generally recommends federal agencies evaluate and minimize potential impacts to waters of the state, with particular attention to:

  • Waters designated as Outstanding Waters (Class 1) in the Wyoming Surface Water Quality Standards
  • Designated Wild and Scenic Rivers
  • Sensitive aquifers
  • Public water supply source water areas
  • Nonpoint source pollution reduction project areas
  • Surface waters that have been assessed as either meeting or not meeting their water quality standards by WDEQ/WQD

WDEQ/WQD has also compiled a summary document that describes the most common permits and water quality requirements that may apply to proposed NEPA projects.

DEQ also reminds federal agencies that in addition to overseeing development and enforcement of Wyoming’s Water Quality Rules and Regulations, WDEQ/WQD also implements portions of the Federal Clean Water Act, including:

  • Development of surface water quality standards under Section 303
  • Inventorying water quality and identification of impaired waters under Sections 303 and 305
  • Development of total maximum daily loads for impaired waters under Section 303
  • Discharge permitting under Section 402
  • Water quality certifications under Section 401
  • Addressing nonpoint sources of pollution under Section 319

Contact Madeleine Hamel (307-777-7050, for further information.