Pesticide Permitting

Electronic Documents Submittal

Electronic document submittal is available for WQD permit applications, reports, and other communications.
Visit:  WDEQ Water Quality Division Downloads

You do NOT need to follow up the electronic submission with a hard copy submission unless you are specifically contacted by a WQD staff person with a request to do so.

Need to report a spill or complaint? Please visit

Submitting a public comment? WQD is unable to accept public notice comments through this system. Refer to the public notice document for instructions on how to submit comments or visit

NOTICE: All applications for water distribution systems and/or sewage collection systems that are within the Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities (BOPU) district shall be submitted to the BOPU for approval. Contact Frank Strong or Bryce Dorr at (307) 637-6460,, or for additional information.

Fee Calculator

Beginning July 1, 2013 payment of permit fees for individual permits and general permit authorizations are required to be submitted with the permit application or NOI form.  Some types of permits have flat fees and others have variable fees that must be calculated. 

This "Fee Calculator" should be used to determine the proper amount to be submitted with each application or NOI.  Checks should be made out to the "Dept. of Environmental Quality, Water Quality Division.

General Permits

Permit Training

This resource contains training material from presentations in March and April of 2011.

Related Programs

The WYPDES general permit for Pesticide Application was established to meet a federal court-ordered mandate to regulate pesticide and herbicide applications to “waters of the U.S.” in Wyoming.  Operators desiring to apply pesticides or herbicides to or near Wyoming surface waters are required to obtain coverage under one of the pesticide application general permits prior to pesticide or herbicide application activities.  Typical activities covered under this general permit include mosquito control, nuisance plant control, and invasive species control (such as zebra mussel control) For further information, visit the ‘General Permits’ tab above.