Electronic Application Submittal and Electronic Permit Fee Payment Options Now Available

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) would like to remind WYPDES permittees that they can now submit applications electronically and pay permit fees electronically. The DEQ would like to thank permittees who have used these electronic options, as doing so helps streamline the application and payment process and assists the DEQ Water Quality Division with its transition to a digital records environment.

Permittees can submit WYPDES applications electronically using the WYPDES Electronic Document Upload Form. Permittees who submit applications electronically do not need to follow up with a hard-copy application unless specifically contacted by WYPDES staff with a request to do so.

After submitting their applications electronically, permittees can then pay WYPDES permit fees electronically using DEQ’s e-payment website. Submitting an application electronically through the above form will generate a receipt number (WYPDES_2020_XXXX) that will be emailed to the permittee; the permittee will need this receipt number to submit the electronic payment. Additional instructions about submitting an application electronically and making an electronic payment are available on the respective websites noted above.

Please note that permittees who choose to submit applications in hard copy should still include a hard-copy check for permit fees with their applications; electronic payment should only be used for applications submitted electronically.

A fee calculator is available to assist permittees with calculating correct permit fee amounts. It is particularly important that permittees using the electronic payment option use the correct fee amount. Please note that, based on 2020 revisions to Wyoming Statute 35-11-312, increased WYPDES permit fees went into effect on July 1, 2020. If you have any questions about the correct fee amount for your permit(s), please contact Marilyn Siemens at 307-777-2592 or marilyn.siemens@wyo.gov before making the electronic payment.

For general questions about using the electronic application and payment systems, please contact Jennifer Zygmunt at 307-777-6080 or jennifer.zygmunt@wyo.gov. Para español, visite http://deq.wyoming.gov/.


The federal Clean Water Act provides that the discharge of any pollutants from a point source into surface water of the United States must be regulated under the Wyoming Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WYPDES) Program. Through this program, operators of a point source discharge are required to receive coverage under a WYPDES discharge permit. The permits contain limitations and conditions that will assure that the state's surface water quality standards are protected.

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