Mineral Mining and Associated Activities

This page contains documents related to Mineral Mining and Associated Activities. 

****Please note:  ***Update***  The Mineral Mining General Permit (MMGP), which expires March 31, 2017, will be administratively continued until a new permit replaces it.  The draft replacement permit will be available for review and comment beginning March 29th.  The public comment period runs through April 28th.  You will find the draft permit in the public notice section of the WDEQ website.  Please contact storm water program staff with any questions.  (3/24/17)

Mineral mining and processing (SIC 14) and associated activities, such as mobile hot plants, concrete batch plants and stockpiles are covered by the mineral mining storm water permit. Non-mineral mining activities and fuels, such as coal, should use the general industrial storm water permit.

Please note that the general mineral mining storm water permit is not available to facilities where storm water runoff has the potential to discharge to class 1 waters. Facilities may apply for coverage under an individual storm water permit.  Contact us.

  • Beginning July 1, 2013 payment of permit fees for individual permits and general permit authorizations are required to be submitted with the permit application or NOI form.  All storm water authorizations have variable fees that must be calculated depending upon the NOI date.  The "Fee Calculator" should be used to determine the proper amount to be submitted with each NOI.  Checks should be made out to the "Dept. of Environmental Quality, Water Quality Division.

List of documents:  Links to documents relevant to MMGP can be found in the document list at the bottom of this page.  In this table you will find explanations for some of the most used documents.  Document numbers in this table correspond with those in the document list below.

Doc Title


Mineral Mining General Permit (MMGP)

Effective April 1, 2018 and expires March 31, 2023 (includes SWPPP guidelines in Part 7)

Notice of Intent (NOI)

Use to request coverage under the MMGP.  Please note that the NOI has been updated to include new land access requirements.  Applicants must now certify that they have (i) secured permission for DEQ personnel and invitees to access land where the facility is located, (ii) secured permission to collect resource data as defined in Wyoming statute, and (iii) secured permission to enter and cross all properties necessary to access the permitted facility.  A map of the access route(s) shall accompany the NOI.  (5/20/17)

Notice of Transfer and Acceptance (NOTA)

Use to transfer MMGP coverage to a new operator.  This is a new version of the NOTA.  Please use this NOTA for all transfers.  (4/23/15)

Notice of Termination (NOT)

Use to discontinue coverage under the MMGP.  The facility must be “finally stabilized” as defined in Part 5 of the MMGP prior to termination or the operator must provide documentation that the Land Quality Division bond has been released by the LQD.  (revised 5/15)

Class 1 Waters

Class 1 waters in Wyoming.  Discharges to class 1 waters cannot be authorized under the MMGP.


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