Please contact us with any questions you have about the Water and Wastewater Section.  

Water and Wastewater Section Manager:

  • Keenan Hendon
    Tel 307-777-7075, email:

Water and Wastewater Construction Permitting:

  • Bradley Ellis, P.E.- Northeast District Engineer
    Tel 307-473-3469, email:
  • Dale Lee, P.E -Assistant Northeast District Engineer
    Tel 307-675-5640, email:
  • James Brough, P.E. – Northwest District Engineer
    Tel 307-335-6961, email:
  • Dennis Lewis, P.E. – Southeast District Engineer
    Tel 307-777-7088, email:
  • Jason Fernandez, P.E. - Assistant Southeast District Engineer
    Tel 307-777-7388, email:
  • Mark Baron, P.E. – Southwest District Engineer
    Tel 307-335-6962, email:

State Revolving Loan Fund (SRF):

  • Stan Miller, SRF Principal Engineer  
    Tel 307-777-6371, email:
  • Shawn King, SRF Project Manager  
    Tel 307-777-6941, email: 

Oil and Gas Produced Water Treatment and Disposal:

  • Dennis Lamb, P.G., Principal
    Tel 307-473-3452, email:
  • Hannes Stueckler, P.E.  
    Tel 307-777-6941, email:

Operator Certification:

  • Kim Parker
    Tel 307-777-6128, email:


Anthony Rivers
Tel 307-777-6183, email:

Electronic Documents Submittal

Electronic document submittal is available for WQD permit applications, reports, and other communications.
Visit:  WDEQ Water Quality Division Downloads

You do NOT need to follow up the electronic submission with a hard copy submission unless you are specifically contacted by a WQD staff person with a request to do so.

Need to report a spill or complaint? Please visit

Submitting a public comment? WQD is unable to accept public notice comments through this system. Refer to the public notice document for instructions on how to submit comments or visit

NOTICE: All applications for water distribution systems and/or sewage collection systems that are within the Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities (BOPU) district shall be submitted to the BOPU for approval. Contact Frank Strong or Bryce Dorr at (307) 637-6460,, or for additional information.

Obtaining a Permit

Chapters 3, 11, 12, 25, 26, and 28 of the Wyoming Water Quality Rules outline the requirements for construction permitting and are available on the Secretary of State website, under the Department Environmental Quality, Water Quality program.

Permit Application Instructions
Step 1: Complete a 
Water-and-Wastewater-Permit-to-Construct-Application form (Chapter 3 permit).  Submit one copy of the design report and construction plans and specifications to the District Engineer for the county (see District Map) in which construction will take place, and one electronic copy to the WDEQ Water Quality Division Document Uploads link above.  Both copies must be sealed, signed, and dated by a Wyoming licensed Professional Engineer (PE).

If you are interested in submitting a Trade Secret Confidentiality Request, click here.

Step 2: DEQ will review the application for compliance with the Water Quality Rules.  The DEQ will issue an individual or general permit, or a permit by rule permit depending on the proposed design. Please contact the District Engineer for the county in which construction will take place if you need more information about which permit is required (see District Map).

Step 3: Once a permit is issued, the permittee shall complete construction within the timeframe specified in the permit, which will not exceed 5 years from the date of issuance or written notification of coverage.  If construction is not completed within this time frame, the permittee shall apply for a new construction permit.

Step 4: Submit a Certificate-of-Completion form when construction is complete.

Submit a Transfer-of-Ownership form if the ownership of a permitted facility is transferred to another party.

If the download box is not working below, please click here.

District Map

Map of Water and Wastewater Districts showing the counties in each District, the District Engineers and Assistant District Engineers, and their contact information.

Interactive GIS map.  Use this map to determine the legal description or lat/long of your projects.

Related Programs

The Water and Wastewater Program issues permits to construct, modify, or upgrade water or wastewater treatment facilities,  water distribution systems, sewage collection systems; permits to install small wastewater treatment facilities; and permits to treat or dispose the wastewater generated from coal bed methane, oil or gas production. 

The steps involved in applying for a Permit to Construct and links to forms and guidance documents are available on the Obtaining a Permit tab above.

Construction Permitting

Construction, upgrading, or modification of any part of a public water supply system or wastewater system requires a permit. There are three types of construction permits: general permits, permit by rule, and individual permits. If the project is not covered by a general permit or a permit by rule, an individual permit to construct is required.  Please contact the District Engineer for the county in which construction will take place if you need more information about which permit is required (see District Map in tab above).