Land Quality Advisory Board

The Land Quality Advisory Board assists the Land Quality Division with its rules, regulations and guidelines.

Advisory Board Members

  • James Gampetro, Chairman, Buffalo
  • Blake Jones, Gillette
  • Natalia Duncan Macker, Jackson
  • John Hines, Gillette
  • Gene Legerski, Green River

To contact the advisory board, please refer all questions and comments to Craig Hults, 307-777-7066

Upcoming Meeting

     The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Land Quality Division (LQD), has scheduled its next meeting for December 10, 2020 beginning at 10:00 a.m. The meeting will be held via conference call. The major item of discussion will be completion of administrative board business including election of officers and scheduling of meetings for 2021. Details regarding the meeting can be found below in the file labelled "00 Advisory Board Public Notice". The meeting agenda is posted below as well and labelled "00 Advisory Board Agenda".


File Date