Land Quality Advisory Board

The Land Quality Advisory Board assists the Land Quality Division with its rules, regulations and guidelines.

Advisory Board Members

  • James Gampetro, Chairman, Buffalo
  • Philip Dinsmoor, Devils Tower
  • Natalia Duncan, Jackson
  • John Hines, Gillette
  • Michael "Micky" Shober, Gillette

To contact the advisory board, please refer all questions and comments to Craig Hults, 307-777-7066

Upcoming Meeting

     The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Land Quality Division (LQD), will hold an Advisory Board (AB) Meeting beginning at 10:00 a.m., on September 19, 2018. The Board will be considering proposed revisions to the Coal and Noncoal Financial Assurance regulations in Coal Chapters 11 (Self-bonding) and 20 (Letters of Credit) and Noncoal Chapters 6 (Self-bonding) and 12 (Letters of Credit).  Proposed rule language will be made available Monday, August 20 2018.


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