Triennial Review of Surface Water Quality Standards

Wyoming’s surface water quality standards (Water Quality Rules and Regulations, Chapter 1) are intended to implement relevant sections of the Wyoming Environmental Quality Act and the federal Clean Water Act (CWA). The CWA requires states from time to time, but at least once every three years, hold hearings for the purpose of reviewing surface water quality standards and modifying and adopting standards, as appropriate. This is known as a triennial review.

Current Public Comment Opportunity

The Water Quality Division initiated scoping, outlined below, for a triennial review of Wyoming’s surface water quality standards in August 2018. At that time, DEQ released a public notice and scoping document. The public was invited to provide comments at public hearings on September 24, 2018 in Casper or September 28, 2018 in Cheyenne or submit written comments by 5 PM on October 12, 2018. DEQ is currently in the process of developing proposed revisions and responding to comments received during the scoping phase, described below. 


1. Scoping. Scoping is the process of soliciting input from the public on any aspects of Wyoming’s surface water quality standards that should potentially be modified during the upcoming revision.

2. Water and Waste Advisory Board. Once a draft of proposed changes and a statement of reasons has been developed, the proposed rules will be considered by the Water and Waste Advisory Board (board), along with any comments received on the proposed changes.  

3. Environmental Quality Council. Once recommended by the board, the Environmental Quality Council (council) will consider the proposed changes to Chapter 1, along with any comments received on the proposed changes. 

4. Governor. Once adopted by the council, the Governor may approve the revisions or require modifications. Once signed by the Governor, the rules are filed with the Secretary of State and become effective.

5. United States Environmental Protection Agency. Once approved by the Governor, revisions to Wyoming’s surface water quality standards are submitted to the United States Environmental Protection Agency pursuant to the CWA. 

Wyoming’s current surface water quality standards are described here


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