Produced Water Disposal & Treatment

The Produced Water Disposal & Treatment Permitting group is responsible for permitting facilities that treat water generated from coal bed methane, oil or gas production. Road or land application projects and commercial oilfield wastewater disposal facilities are also permitted by this group.

Commercial Wastewater Treatment Facilities
These permits use the standard construction permitting process described on the Obtaining a Permit page and frequently use the Pilot Plant general permit.  The Permitting Guidelines for Treatment of Produced Water document lists additional criteria for these permits. 

Additional permitting may be required for surface water (WYPDES Program) or groundwater (Groundwater Pollution Control (GPC) Program) discharges of produced water. 

Road Application of Waste and Wastewater  
When no other alternative is reasonably available for disposal of limited quantities of wastewater or exploration and production exempt oily wastes, a Road Application of Waste or Wastewater permit may be requested. These permits also use the standard construction permiting process described on the General Permits page.

Commercial Oilfield Wastewater Disposal Facilities
Commercial oilfield waster wastewater disposal facilities (COWDF) can accept some exploration and production wastes, depending on the nature of the waste. Click for a list of active COWDFs.

COWDF permitting steps and criteria are listed in the COWDF Guidelines document.  A generic COWDF Annual Reporting form and O&M Manual outline are available to assist facility owners, operators, or consultants with the annual reporting requirement of COWDF permits.

COWDFs are required to post a bond for closure and post-closure inspection, maintenance, and environmental monitoring.  Access DEQ bonding forms and instructions.

If you are interested in submitting a Trade Secret Confidentiality Request, click here.

Submit a Certificate of Completion form when construction is complete.

Submit a Transfer of Ownership form if the ownership of a permitted facility is transferred to another party.


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